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MEET & GREET with the TRATTER GANG Saturday, July 17 at 12:15 p.m.

Click Here To Purchase Festival Tickets and Guaranteed Access to the Private Meet & Greet

The Tratter Gang is a group of good ole’ boys from across America. We represent the country and western lifestyle and captivated the world through our social media platforms. Now you may ask what is a “Tratter?” Tratter started as a fun way to say “Tractor” but little did we know, it would take the world by storm. It became a worldwide trend and soon every farmer across America was playing with Tratters. The five of us came together as the leading country influencers on TikTok to form the Tratter Gang. Combined we have over 9,000,000 followers and counting. We take pride in promoting the agricultural community and using our platforms to shine a positive light on our way of life. We each come from a strong background of farming and ranching. From this, we have been able to shoot and produce relatable and entertaining videos that have resonated with millions of people across America. We have started worldwide trends and set records unlike any other country influencers in the space. The Tratter Gang has been anxiously waiting to gear up and meet the people of Tratter Nation from all over the United States. 

Nick Luciano 


Hometown: Saddler, TX


Gatlin Didier 


Hometown: Thomas, OK


Blake Moore 


Hometown: Mt. Vernon, IL


Zach Richert 

@zacharyrichert (TikTok)

@zach.richert (IG)

Hometown: York, NE


Jarrett Sitton 

@jarrett_sitton (TikTok)

@jsitton007 (IG)

Hometown: Weatherford, OK 






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